Thursday, April 28, 2005

Pilot or Gunnery Crew?

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Pilot or gunnery crew? (uncertain):
- long gloves;
- black cloth cap;
- no belt boxes;
- single-breasted jacket;
- white shoulder emblems.
These men may be pilots, gunners or another kind of specialist. It is even possible that they may be a kind of officer rather than non-commissioned personnel. Refer to Imperial Military Uniforms for further discussion. Their uniforms seem identical to those of naval gunners or TIE pilots, except that the helmets and armour are removed and replaced by semi-dress uniform caps. E. Moody reports inspecting one of the uniforms at close range, and reports that they have pilot comlinks on the left sleeve (white, ROTJ; silver ANH).

If it is a semi-dress uniform for pilots then it seems to contradict the representation of the pilot officer deck uniforms in the TIE Fighter computer games and X-Wing comics, which portray olive uniforms similar to those of navy and army officers. Alternatively, this may be a semi-casual uniform for pilots on standby duty, or it may be for support personnel in a related service.


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